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  • Try To put your keyword at beginning of your title and the title must be according to human understandability. 
  • Post content must be informative and long as you can and smartly put your business keyword. if we and our system detect your content is only for SEO perspective and spread spamming we will immediately delete your content and if you continuously put same-like content then your ID will be blocked permanently.
  • After writing content you must check it on the duplichecker site and remove duplicates if any in your content. Don’t publish duplicate content.
  • On this site you can do Image Submission, Microblogging Submission & blog Submission for SEO in the proper Structure provided by Indiksale otherwise, it will be deleted. so select a category according to your work submission.
  • Before submission must check your site’s DA, PA & Spam Score. Click here before your site submission.
  • Upload feature images that really represent the business /work for which you are posting don’t upload any random images. 

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