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How to Compress Pdf Online


In this article, we will talk about Online Pdf Reducer/ PDF Compressor but first, we will know why we need to Compress pdf online. Let us know it in the first few words. As we all know that the content in PDF file format is very high quality, has very secure and password-protected features, and these document formats are used by almost everyone. A PDF reader is present on everyone’s phone today which is why they are so popular that many of us store our content and images in PDF.

Why do we Store Our Information In Pdf?

We know that PDF editor gives us more useful tools than word editor to create and modify PDF and then edit, and Merge PDF functions, so most of us choose PDF for our text and picture documentation. But what happens when the PDF file becomes heavy after all your storage, its size becomes large and you have to upload the PDF file somewhere where the upload size limit is imposed? As it is written that please upload the Reduce pdf file size. Now you will go to google and don’t know what you will search like ‘compress pdf online’, ‘Pdf Reducer‘, & ‘compress pdf to 100kb’. Right?

For Pdf Size Compression What should I do?

Today I will tell you a very easy way how you can compress pdf with the help of the pdf compressor online free tool if you want compression in a particular size like compress pdf in 500kb you can also compress pdf and can download. To eliminate the size compression issue Problem, today Indiksale has brought you a Reduce PDF free tool, with the help of this tool you can convert any Pdf files to a Shrink Pdf for free. And to Compress PDF in your size, when you will be uploading your PDF for compression, after upload you will get 3 options for compression like EXTREME COMPRESSION (For Less quality, high compression, Too lower file size), RECOMMENDED COMPRESSION (Good quality, good compression, Something large file size than Extreme) & LESS COMPRESSION(High quality, less compression, Very High file size). You can choose the compression setting as per your requirement. This tool is the best pdf compressor online tool in the market so far, which takes care of the fact that along with pdf compression, it can also provide you the best quality of compressed pdf, that’s why this company has won the trust of the people. Whether it is your admit card, whether it is a PDF file of a book, you can download any PDF by reducing the PDF size. You will find that the size of the download pdf has been reduced as if it has been converted into pdf hyper compress pdf. Now I will tell you in some easy steps how we can reduce PDF size with the help of this tool.

Steps How to do Shrink Pdf Online

  1. First, you have to click on this link pdf
Compress Pdf
Compress Pdf

2. Now you have to click on Select PDF files and upload your Pdf from your system/pc/desktop. If you want to upload from Google Drive or Drop, then you can do that by clicking on the accompanying icon.

3. After uploading Compression Level for Your Pdf in which you want your final Compressed Output then click on Compress PDF and wait 2-3 seconds and download your Hyper compress Pdf.

The Alternative of PDF Compressor Online

If at any time you find that the link of this site is not working, then you can Compress your Pdfs by clicking on it.

Click here to visit Compress Pdf On another site

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So, I hope you will learn from our post How to Join free Multiple Pdfs. I have covered everything about the How We can Compress Pdf in Detail, from Basic to top-level questions about how to reduce pdf file size free. if you have any regards just comment below.

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